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QR Codes have been around for a while now and with the state of the world right now they are coming back into the light to be more useful than ever. From restaurants to personal bloggers you are seeing QR codes more and more. In this brief blog post, we want to share with you 5 examples of using your followme QR code.

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The industry that has received the most use out of the QR code right now is restaurants. With restaurants going touchless with their menus, QR codes offer the most accessible way to share the menu. 

With one single QR code you can share your food menu, wine list, beer list, and even a link to purchase gift cards. In our post Top 5 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Needs a Bio-Link we explain why and how QR codes are helping the restaurant industry. 

followmeai business card qr code-min


Business cards are important to photographers. They are handed out at weddings, sporting events, or other occasions where they are shooting. While on the job it can be difficult to sell themselves and a business card with a QR-code allows them to link to their page where the photographer can have multiple links to their portfolio, social media, and more. 

This one QR-code can lead to multiple job opportunities that can sustain a photographer and in a very competitive world. Updating your page will give the photographers possible clients to review and stay up to date with the photographer’s latest work. 


Product packaging with a QR-code is a great way to spread your brand. From shipping boxes to ice cream containers a QR-code can lead a customer to all of your recent work on social media and encourage them to like and share your work.

QR-codes can be as big or as small as needed on the labeling of your boxes or products. This will allow the customer to use their smart phone camera and get right to your page to learn about you and the products you are promoting. 

ice cream followmeai qr code-min
followme Subway Billboard-sq


Print publishing is a great idea to use your QR-code. Whether it is a huge billboard in the middle of a subway or a single page ad in your local newspaper. You could even use your QR-code by itself in an ad to lure curiosity onto your page. 

Flyers and brochures are a simple and great way to get your brand out to the public and having a QR-code in your copy is a fantastic way to get your brand seen. 


Thinking outside the box with the marketing of your QR-code is where you get to shine as possible clients love creativity. Using QR-codes on clothing is not something you see every day and will bring in the inquisitive to see what you are about.

What does your QR-code say about you as a business? Promoting your brand in new and creative ways is fun and brings eyes to your products that just might not normally be there. 

followme stairway

These are just 5 brief examples of using a QR-Code to help you succeed as a business and hopefully get your brand name some exposure. If you like our blog please subscribe to our newsletter and share our work. 

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