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Finding your bio link QR code is rather easy. Below is exactly how to find your QR code and download it so you can use it with your account.

1. Head to your Dashboard

2. Click on your Project that you want the QR code for.

3. Click on the Project Link that you want.

4. Next to the Project name you will see 3 vertical dots, click on them.

5. You will get a drop-down that has the link to your QR code, click on that.

6. The QR code will open in another tab in your browser. Save as or drag to your desktop to use.

7. Profit. 🙂

followme QR Code BrownIronEx
followme QR Code BrownIronEx2
Qr Code followme ai

Finding your bio link QR code was easy and now it is time to use it. Check out our blog for various uses of your bio link QR code including business cards, restaurant menus, and more.