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Well, lookie lookie who has a cookie. That’s right, it’s with another update and this is a big one with a ton of new features. Grab your hat, grab some snacks and let’s get to the chit-chat. 


This is quite the big update for us as a bio-link service as we now have over 20 ways to communicate with your audience. As a free user, you can still add your links and choose from up to 3 different backgrounds but if you upgrade to PRO for just $3.00 a month you get over 20 ways to drop links in your link-in-bio page.

 The free plan is great if you are looking for easy clean bio-link pages to throw up on your social platforms. No doubt you can make them look aesthetically pleasing, so much your customers will think, damn that looks good. 

However, if you upgrade to Pro the number of links, images, grids, and more are just a click away. 


Blog posts like this one can go a long way to communicate your knowledge to potential clients. Sign up for a free account today.

followme biolink featurelist


Get more features and stats when you go pro.


Building great looking bio-link pages is very simple with This example of music artist Jon Great uses 2 new features to make his page stand out to his fans.

Jon starts off with a simple and classic black background, followed up with a great portfolio image of him jamming. While on the main page he adds his Facebook, Instagram, and  Tik Tok links and chooses white for the icons.

These icons can be any color but we recommend a contrasting color from the background or something that aligns with your theme. They always get placed at the bottom of your page underneath your blocks and links.

Jon’s first link is a Soundcloud link which is a full block that takes up the whole width of your bio-link page. To get this block to work all you need to do is go to your song on Soundcloud and click the share button and copy the URL, then paste that URL in the block, and you are done.

At the bottom of Jon’s page are 2 IMAGE GRID links that link to a song and an album preview. Image Grids can be used with a link or without and either way they look just fantastic on the page. 

So let’s go over quick what the update brings to PRO users. While there are a lot of options there are still more when you delve deep into as a free and pro user. These blocks are just the beginning of what you can do. 



Apple Music

Anchor FM

Instagram Media

Custom HTML

Image Grid







Twitter Tweet





Mail Signup





As you can see, has the most options of any bio-link service provider out there. With so many options and links to chose from you will have a hard time deciding on which to deck out your page. Over 20 options now and growing! We are also always working on text effects, button effects, and more. 

We are always looking to highlight what some of our clients are creating so please hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram and show us what you got. We just might do a blog post on your design and that will get you more clicks on your page. 

Did you know that you can sign up for free to get your account? It’s true, click here, to start your very own page right now and grab that QR-code to get started.

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