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Restaurants that are using bio-links in their social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are engaging with customers in a brand new unique way. Here are the top 5 reasons why every restaurant needs a bio-link.


A QR-Code is probably the most important piece of information you can get with a BIO-LINK. From this one QR-Code, you can direct your patrons to everything and anything you offer at your restaurant and website.

Going contactless is important in these times and having a contactless menu can be linked right from your QR-Code. Your patrons will use their smartphone camera to get the link from the QR-Code which will lead them right to your link.

From that link, you can have multiple links including your food menu, a beer menu if you are a brewery, or even a wine list. On your page, you can link just about anything else you want.

Website, blog, gift cards, and even social media accounts. These are very easy to link to and you can have it all set up in under 5 minutes. 



You would think that the menu would be number one in this top 5 list. With Covid in the air and contactless menus on the rise, the QR-Code jumps to one for its versatility and menus get bounced to two.

Let’s talk about the importance of menus with the link. It is contactless and quick, just what you need. Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days so pulling up a menu on your phone is easy as pie.

With your page on, you can have as many links as you choose with the PRO account and you can link to as many menus as you have. The food menu, beer list, and wine list can all have individual links on your page allowing your customers to access them quickly and safely.

No matter what menu you link to on your page your customers will appreciate how easy and fast the menu pulls up. 




I want to discuss social media content in two different ways. One way is from a restaurant owner’s view and the other is from the customer view.

Keeping up with your social media accounts can get tough, posting to Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook can be time-consuming. You can have an employee do this for you or you can hire it out to social media company.

Keeping your following up to date on a new menu or changing hours is important. Using your page you can link to any social media account you choose so the customer can follow, like, or share your content. 

I personally have millions of views on my google photo account of various locations and restaurants that I have been to over the years. Customers love to post pictures to their social media accounts of delicious food they are about to it. 

When you link your social media accounts to your page customers have the ability to tag your restaurant immediately. 

Make sure you stay up to speed on this because you might be able to catch a problem quickly with a customer or better yet, reward them for posting at your restaurant. 



Gift cards are an excellent way to generate extra revenue as the costs are low compared to other methods of marketing. Linking to a way to purchase gift cards on your page makes purchasing gift cards very convenient for the customer.

There are numerous benefits of using gift cards like

  • Building brand awareness
  • Capturing more holiday sales
  • Increasing sales and revenue
  • Safe and convenient

Today customers are looking for a way to purchase quickly and safely and gift cards are a great way to do that. Gift cards also make a great holiday or birthday gift. 


Running a blog for your restaurant can be engaging in several different ways for your customers. Linking to your blog on your page will allow your patrons to connect with you in another fashion other than your social media. 

On your blog, you can choose to post full-length recipes, run contests, give staff updates, or just give brief updates on your restaurant. 

Your blog can be informative with articles and recipes that are direct and to the point. Sharing your recipes can allow people from all over the world to share your delicious ideas. You just might want to hold back a bit on your secret ingredients ;). 

You could even run contests for a free giveaway like a gift card or special drink for patrons. These contests could even include social media requirements to sign up for. A simple contest system like, which looks great and is easy to work with. 


The top 5 reasons why every restaurant needs a bio-link is just a start. While there are more ways to use the bio-link, using just these 5 ways is a great start. You can start free by just registering right now here

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